Monday & Thursday Game
 Starting Tee Time 9:30
@ Riverside Golf Course
Rules of The Game

Must Have Established Handicap
Maximum Handicap is 18  No Red Tee's
Golf Professionals (past or present) and anyone under the age of 
21 may not participate in the game
Takes all 4 Greenies & Skin for that hole
18 or 9 hole play, buy-in is $25.00
Points are gained on each hole with a net score
Par – 1 point
Birdie – 2 points
Eagle – 3 points 
Double Eagle – 4 points
Off the green putt / chip in - 2 points
1- Putt – 1 point
2 – Putt – 0 points
3- Putts minus 1 point
"Bonus Points"
If a player is on the Green in regulation on par 3 or par 5  1 - point
Bottom of the cup is considered Green in Regulation
 Par 3 Greenies closest to the hole must make par 
To qualify for potential Greenie
Player may not gain points on a Gross Triple Bogie

Putts: All putts must be holed No "in the wraps"  Failure to complete a hole: 1- point deduction and 3 putt on card. Moving the ball: Act in accordance with USGA rules. With the exception of “on a root”, “in a gopher hole”, the ball comes to rest on the line between the fringe and the green, you may move the ball back no more than 3 inches, and this is a 1 putt. Score Keeper:Keep net scores and circle the single lowest score per hole.

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